Trust our visions!

Email Marketing

Developed an Email Marketing system. Now, we can send 2,400 mails on daily basis. We have our own server that we use.

Email Marketing is one of the important field in marketing.

Our team is now developing it so that we can send as many emails as we want in a day.


In this we are developing porfolio website for personal and individual use. We are also providing websites to Startup companies, Builders, and Influencers.

Website Development and Many Templates

We are also trying to provide a complete one stop customization option to our customers.

Game Developing

We also develop android games. Our goal is to start with basic everyday games and then eventually develop full stack PC games.

We are also setting up a hub for the all game developers where we want them to create a best platform for any game developer to learn and make creative games.

We are using unity for game developent and also blender for assets.

Our Games

3D Model design and Cad Design

We use Solidworks and Blender for making cad designs and rendering.

We have done work in the field of Patent designs, Industrial designs , CNC, 3D printing etc.

We are using these Models in the field of gaming and production.

3D Billboards

In marketing it is necessary that people stop at that point and watch the ads. People seeing ads as a headache but we can turn that hectiness into the point where people love to watch the ads.So that's why, we are presenting you 3D Billboards.

Working on 3D Billboard with planning of total implementation in over 5 cities.

For now with having some investment we are going to implement our boards soon in Mumbai city.